All the exciting things that will happen!

Here is the detailed timeline of the entire event!

12 October 2023

Sustainathon 2023 Launch event

Key speakers for the day

Gururaj Desh Deshpande

Founder, Deshpande Foundation

Siddharth Hande

Founder & CEO, Kabadiwalla Connect

Robert Olrog

Consultant, Carbon Limiting Technologies

Lee Pugalis

Deputy Director, Masood Entrepreneurship Centre

Kartik Sankaran

CEO, Deshpande Startups

Suneel Kunamaneni

Senior Lecturer in Enterprise and Entrepreneurship

Agenda for the launch

20 November 2023

Deadline for Registration

Last day to apply to be part of Sustainathon

25 October 2023

Support session 1 - Online

Researching your idea and developing your value proposition

8 November 2023

Support session 2 - Online

Proving technical feasibility and financial viability

25 November 2023


24hrs Physical event at Deshpande Startups. Students create computer designs, animations, videos, drawings, or Low-Fidelity working prototypes.

December 2023 – April 2024

Mentoring Support

Providing Industry mentorship to improve on the Low Fidelity working prototype and aligning the solution to the currennt industry and market.

18 January 2024

Support session 3 - Online

How to Pitch Your Idea?
Learn to commmunicate your solution effectively to get higher traction.

29 February 2024

Knockouts to select the top team from each country

Coming soon!

March 2024 – June 2024

The final step towards winning !

Demo Day

Investor Connect

Global Exchange Program