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It is a Global Sustainability Challenge for students from India and the United Kingdom—A year-long tech marathon with the ultimate goal of building high-fidelity prototypes and startups.

Eligible participants include students from B.Tech, B.E, B.Sc, BCA, and related disciplines and individuals who have graduated within the last three years.

You can fill out the application form on the website to register!

The team size includes a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 4 participants.

Check out the themes and Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs) mentioned on about page for a better understanding.

You get to use INR 3.5 lakhs of fund support to build your high-fidelity prototypes, interact with top-notch industry and domain experts from around the globe, peer-learn, and gain exposure, market access, and networking opportunities. The winning team gets a fully sponsored trip to the United Kingdom’s Startup Ecosystem at the University of Manchester.

Check out the Agenda  in the handbook above

The event is organized in a hybrid format, where the support sessions will be conducted online, but your physical presence is mandatory during the Hackathon event on 18 November 2023.

From mentoring to prototyping grants and hardware lab support, we have you covered. You will also gain access to the available testbeds for your research.

The winning team of the Sustainathon will go through the Global Exchange Program, where they can visit the startup ecosystem at the University of Manchester, United Kingdom. 

And Yes, it is a fully sponsored trip!

The handbook has all the information you need, but if you still need clarity about the Sustainathon event, you can contact us at the following numbers and e-mails.

Ph: +91 96115 32073 | E-mail:


Ph: +91 96115 32933 | E-mail: infinitystudio@dfmail.or